City of South Salt Lake

Fee Schedule

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Consolidated Fee Schedule for The City of South Salt Lake 
Effective:   March 23, 2017

Click here for a full Fee Schedule in PDF.


Table of Contents

  • Section I. General Fees
  • Section II. Animal Services
  • Section III. Business Licensing
  • Section IV. Building, Planning & Zoning
  • Section V. Administrative Enforcement
  • Section VI. Courts, City Attorney, & Recreation
  • Section VII. Police Department
  • Section VIII. Fire Department
  • Section IX. Public Works
  • Section X. Utilities
  • Section XI. Parks & Community Centers
  • Section XII. Mayor Authority to Amend or Adjust Fees
  • Section XIII. Other Fees

All fees are applied City-wide and are divided into sections for purposes of clarity only.

Section I. General Fees

Records & Information Services:

Research/Compilation/Duplication/Redaction costs:
The City charges the cost of redaction, compilation, research and duplication in excess of fifteen minutes, at the salary of the lowest paid employee who has the necessary skills and training to perform the request. This fee is incurred regardless of the format in which the documents ultimately will be produced.

Paper Copies
B&W: 8.5 x 11” or 8.5 x 14” pages $0.25/page
B&W: 11 x 17” pages $0.50/page
Color: 8.5 x 11” or 8.5 x 14” pages $0.50/page
Color: 11 x 17” pages $1.00/page
Maps (depends upon size/color) $5 - $10

Electronic Copies
CD/DVD production $10/disc
Video cassette production $20/tape
Audio cassette production $10/tape
Facsimile transmission $2.00 for 10 pages,
add’l pages $.50/page
E-mail transmission (files of less than 10 MB) No add’l charge

Administrative Hearings:

Administrative Hearing Filing Fee $25
Copies of files and transcript for appeal from decision $15, plus actual costs of transcript preparation
Deposit required before City will arrange for transcript
(applied toward ultimate cost of transcript) $75

Other Fees:

Returned check charge $20/check
Direct pay ACH return $20/return
Returned checks on xpressbillpay
Invalid account/unable to locate account $8
Insufficient or closed account $14
Customer stop payment $29
Mailing Actual cost
Notary service (if notary is available) Free

Section II. Animal Services


Altered* Dog $15/yr
Discount for microchipped, altered dogs $5/year discount
Altered* Dog – Senior Citizen (65+) (Lifetime license) $20
Unaltered Dog $40/yr
Unaltered Dog – Senior Citizen (65+) $20/yr
Guard Dog (kept overnight at business) $120/year

Altered* Cat $15/yr
Discount for microchipped, altered cats $5/yr discount
Altered* Cat – Senior Citizen (65+) (Lifetime license) $20
Unaltered Cat $40/yr
Unaltered Cat – Senior Citizen (65+) $20/yr

Ferret (Rabies vaccination & microchip req’d) $15/yr
Service Animal (altered*) $0
Nuisance Animal License Add’l $100 & proof of $25,000 insurance
Late Fee (Expired for more than 30 days) $10/month
* Altered animals have been either spayed or neutered.


Type of Permit Initial Renewal
Hobby/Private Cattery $75 $30
Urban poultry $75 $30
Beehive $75 $30


Dog (if received by city as pre-chipped, altered) $18
Dog (surgery & microchip upon adoption) $100
Cat (if received by city as pre-chipped, altered) $8
Cat (surgery & microchip upon adoption) $68
Scientific animals (adopter pays all vet fees) $20
Other (rabbit, bird, reptile, etc) $10



Dogs & Cats:
First Impound $25 + $8/day
Second Impound $50 + $8/day
Third Impound $150 + $8/day
Fourth & Each Subsequent Impound $300 +$8/day
Small Livestock – per animal (chicken, sheep, goat, rabbit, etc.) $30 + $10/day
Large Livestock – per animal (horse, cow, emu, llama, etc.) $60 + $12/day
Sterilization deposit $100


Licensed & rabies-vaccinated dog or cat $0
Unlicensed & unvaccinated dog or cat $10
Litter (2 or more animals) $15
Non-residents (dog, cat or litter) $50


Microchip $15
Animal Trap Deposit (refundable) $50

Euthanasia (resident cat/dog) $10
Euthanasia (non-resident cat/dog) $100
Carcass pickup – current license/vaccination $0
Carcass pickup – no current license/vaccination $20
Individual (single animal, ashes returned) $75
Communal (same owner, multiple animals, ashes returned) $75 + $30 each add’l
Disposal $20

Section III. Business Licensing

General License Fees
Business license fees cover regulatory costs and partially recover disproportionate costs of providing services to the businesses in each category. Licenses are issued and the fee charged for a license period of one year.
Initial license application fees are prorated for the remainder of the year starting with the month of application. There is no prorating for businesses that close during the year.

Amusement $147
Auto Sales, Repair, Towing, Rental, Leasing $173
Bowling Alley $1,354
Check Cashing & Pawn $422
Construction, Manufacturing & Contracted Services $302
Convenience Stores:
No fuel pumps $1,860
Fueling with pre-pay required $2,281
Fueling without pre-pay required $4,318
Day care $369
Drug Store $2,052
Fast Food $1,093
Financial $719
Golf $781
Horse Stables $180
Indoor Sports Training $1,720
Large Grocery $1,818
Large Retail $1,633
Live Entertainment $147
Long-term $147 + $89/unit
Short-term $147 + $7/unit
Markets, Bakeries & Cafés $231
Mini-storage $147 + $0.30/unit
Mobile Food Services $147
Mobile Home Park $147 + $101/pad
Movie Theatre $4,470
Moving & Warehouse $312
Nursing Home $147 + $50/unit
Personal Services $291
Private Clubs, SOB’s, Taverns $1,550
Professional & Business Services $225
Restaurant $432
Retail General $372
Wholesale $366
Rental Housing Licenses:
Single Family Rental $375/unit
Reduced rate for good landlord certification $30 + $30/unit
Duplex & Triplex $101/unit
Reduced rate for good landlord certification $40 + $30/unit
Owner-occupied Duplex/Triplex $60/unit
Reduced rate for good landlord certification $24/unit
Quadplex $150 + $151/unit
Reduced rate for good landlord certification $100 + $30/unit
Apartments (5+ rental units) $150 + $151/unit
Reduced rate for good landlord certification $125 + $30/unit
Good Landlord Certification Reinstatement Fee $100

Penalties are owed in addition to and separate from other license and regulatory fees.

Operating business prior to obtaining license 100% of fee
Late renewal (30 days past due) 50% of overdue fee
Late renewal (60 days past due) 100% of overdue fee
Doing business without a license $500

Regulatory Fees
Regulatory fees are in addition to the business license fees above. Special regulatory fees are not pro-rated.

Alcohol Initial Renewal
Class A license $300 $300
Class B license $1,000 $500
Class C license $1,250 $750
Class M license $150 $150
Class MB license $1,000 $500
Single Event $100 N/A
Liquor $400 $400
Employee/Owner Work Card $25
Alcohol License Transfer Fee $100

Sexually-oriented businesses
Adult Business $300
Semi-nude Dancing Bar $300
Employee/Owner Work Card $25


Other Fees
Home Occupation:
New Application $43
Renewal $18
New Day Care $249
Renewal Day Care $224
Booth Rentals in Licensed Massage/Beauty/Nail Salons $18 each
Fire Damage & Close-Out Sale $25 for 30 days;
$10 for 30-day renewal
Fireworks Stands $94 + $50 deposit
Tobacco $30
Request for Nuisance Business Determination $50
Business License List (printed) $20

Outcall Business $600
Escort Bureau $2,000
Escort/Escort Runner Permit $300 + work card
Transfer of Escort/Escort Runner Permit $50 + work card

Section IV. Building, Planning & Zoning

Building Permits & Fees

Building permit fees are calculated based upon the most current International Code Council Building Valuation Data (ICCBVD), updated semi-annually in conjunction with the values contained in the 1997 Uniform Administrative Code fee schedule adopted by the City.

Plan review fees are calculated at 65% of the total building permit fee, based upon the most current International Code Council Building Valuation Data (ICCBVD), updated semi-annually in conjunction with the values contained in the 1997 Uniform Administrative Code fee schedule adopted by the City.

Refunds for permits issued will be limited to 80% of permit, not later than 180 days after the date of fee payment. No refunds for plan review costs will be given if the plan review has been conducted. A one-hour minimum fee will be charged on all building permits.

Certain routine or simple projects are eligible for an over-counter flat fee in lieu of a calculated fee, which schedule is maintained by the City at the Community & Economic Development Department.

Other fees:
State of Utah surcharge 1% add’l
Consultant fees (complicated or unusual structures or projects) City’s Cost
Additional hourly fees (beyond three reviews) $56/hour
Inspection re-fee $56
Commencing construction prior to issuance of permit Add’l 100% of building fee

Building Department

Plan Review Deposits* (maximum) Deposit
Residential $500
Residential remodel, attached/detached garage $500
Commercial building $1,000
Tenant improvements $500
Miscellaneous $40
* Deposits shall be applied to the cost of the issuance of the permit provided that the building permit is issued within six (6) months after submission of plans to be checked. If the building permit is not issued within 6 months, the deposit shall be forfeited.

Demolition Permit (per building)
Commercial demolition $60
Two-family or more $60
Single family/accessory building $30
Interior Demo (plans and inspection req’d) $20
Sign permits (not including electrical work, if needed)
Building mounted $100
Freestanding (ground, pole, monument, etc.) $200
Billboard (off-premises sign) $500

Other fees
Building moving permit $350/bldg..
3rd and subsequent business license inspection $50/appt.
Certificate of Occupancy inspection $56
Preliminary building code review $56/hr

Impact Fees

Impact fees are applicable if construction is taking place within the specific fee’s service area.

Culinary Water Impact Fee
¾” meter $733
1” meter $1,557
1.5” meter $5,690
2” meter $7,611
3” meter $16,664
4” meter $28,558
6” meter $46,676
Other meter connection $733/ERC, determined by Director

Impact fees are applicable if construction is taking place within the specific fee’s service area.

Sanitary Sewer Impact Fee (Meter Size) City Multiplier Impact Fee
¾” meter 1.00 $1,063
1” meter 2.12 $2,259
1.5” meter 7.76 $8,252
2” meter 10.38 $11,038
3” meter 22.73 $24,167
4” meter 38.96 $41,417
6” meter 63.68 $67,694

Parks Impact Fee Fee per Household
Single Family $1,677
Multi-Family $1,608


Fire Marshal Inspections

Automatic sprinkler systems
Up to 8,000 sq. ft. $150
Over 8,000 sq. ft. $300
Third and subsequent submittal 40% of prior fee
Clean agent systems/hood systems/paint booths $200
Fire alarm systems
Up to 5,000 sq. ft. $120
Over 5,000 sq. ft. $300
Tent and membrane structures
Up to 700 sq. ft. $120
Over 700 sq. ft. $120 + ($.02/add’l sq. ft)
State licensed healthcare
Day care facility (6 or less children) $29
Day care facility (7 or more children) $58
Group homes, offices $58
Counseling services/group therapy $58
Nursing home facility $116
Greater than 10,000 sq. feet Add’l $300
Fuel tanks
1- 2 tanks installed/removed $250/site
Additional tanks (3+) $200/tank
Re-inspection fee $100

Zoning Fees

Conditional Use Applications
Category I $150
Category II $300
Category II - apartment & apartment-to-condo conversions $600 + $10/unit
Development, Residential and Commercial PUD, Regular Subdivisions greater than 10 lots, Condominiums
Concept review $50
Preliminary review $600 plus $20/lot
Final plat $500 + $10/lot
Recording fees At City’s cost
Lot split $350
Vacating, altering or amending a subdivision plat $600
Administrative site plan review (commercial const. only) $200
Other fees
Design review – Planning Commission $300
Historic & Landmark Commission review $400
Modification review $50/hr
Zoning verification $50
Bus shelter $75
Deferral agreement $150
Design Review – Design Review Committee $300
Land Use Map amendments $500
Variance $200
Non-conforming use determinations $150
Request for official code interpretation $100
General plan amendment $600
Street or alley vacation request $500 + survey and plat costs by outside firm
Zoning map $10
General Plan $20

Section V. Administrative Enforcement

Code enforcement

Civil fine for code violations
First offense within 12 months $50
Second offense within 12 months $100
Third and subsequent offense within 12 months $200
Daily fine for failure to comply with Notice of Violation (each day is a new violation) $40
Administrative costs for nuisance abatement $100
Inspection fee for code violations $35
Itemized Statement of Costs late fee $15

Building Securing Permit

Tier 1 (vacant) No fee
Tier 2 (nuisance) $150/yr
Tier 3 (boarded) $350/yr
Tier 4 (compromised) $350/yr + $300 fine
Boarding without a permit fine $250
Permit late fee (more than 60 days delinquent) 100% permit cost

Illicit Discharge or Connection into Storm Water System

Fine for negligent discharge of non-hazardous waste $75
Fine for negligent discharge of hazardous waste/sewage $250
Fine for intentional discharge of non-hazardous waste $150
Fine for intentional discharge of hazardous waste/sewage $500
Daily fines for failure to comply with Notice of Violation (each day represents a new violation)
Non-hazardous discharge/connection $100
Hazardous or sewage discharge/connection $1000

Violations of Posted Orders

Unlawful to do business $300/day
Stop work order
Contractor/Manager/Site Supervisor $500
Employee of contractor $50
Property owner/tenant $50
Closed to occupancy $150/day

Section VI. Courts, City Attorney, & Recreation

Justice Court

Fines and bails As set by Utah Administrative Office of Courts
Filing fees As set by Utah Code Ann. § 78A-2-301.5
Record production fees As set by Utah R. Jud. Admin. 4-202.08
Traffic school tuition $50
Trust check processing fee $10
Fingerprinting fee $10

City Attorney

Discovery in criminal cases*
Class C/infraction-level cases $10
Other criminal cases $15
Audio/video/color copies/etc. See Section I
Debt-collection account administrative fee $25
* Fees in criminal cases shall not be assessed to or collected from defendants found indigent by the court in which their case is pending; however, duplicates/replacements of materials already provided to indigent defendants shall be charged at the standard rates above.
* Fee includes cost of mailing, and will provide all reports received by the prosecution office for the case requested.


Youth Programs (uniform, team photo, award, practices & games) Enrollment fee*
One child $25
Second child in family $20
Third and subsequent child in family $15
* Scholarships covering all or part of youth program fees are available based upon income eligibility.

Section VII. Police Department

Reports & Documents

DI-9 (crash) Reports $15 (provided at station)
Crash reports available at $9.50 (provided online)
Police Reports (includes research/redaction costs)
<50 pages $10
50-100 pages $20
101-200 pages $30
201+ pages As quoted
Dashboard/Body/Security/Other Video/Audio Recording 
(incl. disc, research/redaction, staff time) $45 per recording device

Work Cards

Work/ID Card (alcohol, sexually oriented businesses) $25
Duplicate Work/ID Cards $10

Sex Offender Registration

Sex Offender Registration Fee $25
DNA Collection Fee $125

Section VIII. Fire Department

Hazardous Material Permits

HM storage site category I $125
HM storage site category II $250
HM disposing/use site category I $125
HM disposing/use site category II $300
HM production/processing $350
Explosive blasting permit (single event) $150
Explosive blasting permit (annual) $300
Fireworks aerial display $75
Fireworks proximate audience $55
Flame effects $55
Late penalty for lapsed permits (more than 90 days) 100% of fee

Hazardous Materials Incident Cost Recovery*

Absorbent $8/container
Atmospheric monitoring $50
Barrier tape $17
Containment drum $186
Foam $30/container
Boom $40
Patch kit $100
Boots $15
Goggles $8
Neoprene boots $70
Nitrile gloves $15
Tyvex type suit $56
Level A suit $800
Level B suit $110
Broom $25
Shovel $35
* Charges apply when Fire Department responds to an incident or event that requires the use of specialized hazardous materials, supplies, or equipment. Listed materials are not for sale.

Fire Equipment & Personnel*

Class A engine (4 firefighters/EMT’s) $275/hr
Class A engine (2 firefighters/2 paramedics) $375/hr
85 ft. aerial platform ladder truck (2 firefighters/2 paramedics) $450/hr
Fire Chief $80/hr
Deputy Fire Chief $70/hr
Battalion Chief $60/hr
Captain $55/hr
Paramedic $50/hr
Hazmat Technician $50/hr
Technical Rescue Technician $50/hr
Fire Fighter $40/hr
Investigator/Inspector $45/hr
Hazmat Squad (2-handed) $175/hr + $40/hr for each additional technician
Grass Truck/auxiliary $175/hr
Ground ambulance with crew $225/hr
* Charges apply when Fire Department responds to an incident/event that is extraordinary or is in the category of cost recovery. This applies to charges to be made to another city, county, forest service, etc. if the Fire Department responds to a wildfire. Whenever the Fire Department can bill for services rendered, these rates apply.

Ground Ambulance Transport & Phlebotomy

Ambulance transportation rates and charges are calculated in the amount established by the State Department of Health through administrative rule regulating ambulance transport, mileage and surcharges.

Ambulance supplies are charged according to reasonable and customary standards in the profession.

Phlebotomy services for substance level testing shall be assessed through the medical billing process. This fee is charged separately from ambulance transportation.

Other Fees/Fines

Gas tank removal or inspection $125/tank
Nuisance alarm/malicious call response fee $450
Fire Reports (includes research/redaction costs) $20/report


Section IX. Public Works


Curb & gutter $0.25/sq ft ($50 min)
Sidewalk $0.25/sq ft ($50 min)
Street cut fee $0.25/sq ft ($150 min)
Excavation Inspection $60


Sidewalk Closure $50 per block per day
Lane Closure $125 per lane per block per day
Full Street Closures
Local Street $150 per block per day
Arterial Street $250 per block per day

Sewer Connection Fees

Sewer Connection $500 per connection
Sampling Manhole $400 per manhole

Water Connection Fees

Installation of 1” water meter by City $3,000
Meter Purchases (all other sizes) As per cost to City
Water Connection Inspection (includes excavation inspection) $240


Inspection of New Fire Line Installation (outside of building) $50 + excavation permit
Meter certification As per cost to City
Fire Flow Test $150
Fire Hydrant Repair $3,500
Repair of Broken Riser Valve $300
Tampered Meter Fine $300 + calculated monthly water usage
Tampered Fire Line Fine $500 + calculated monthly water usage
Contractor Hydrant Meters (excludes water usage) $1,500 refundable deposit

Section X. Utilities


Culinary Water
Meter Size (5,000 gal. allowance for all meters) Minimum monthly fee*
.75” meter $13.00
1” meter $21.00
1.5” $34.00
2” meter $49.00
3” meter $91.00
4” meter $138.00
6” meter $269.00
Metered hydrant use $91.00

Excess Water (all meter sizes & uses)
Usage between 5,000 and 30,000 gal. $2.25 per 1,000 gal.
Usage greater than 30,000 gal. $2.75 per 1,000 gal.
* Includes monthly $2.00 fluoride charge

Fire Line
3” line $13.65/mo.
4” line $18.15/mo.
6” line $27.22/mo.
8” line $36.29/mo.
10” line $45.36/mo.
12” line $54.44/mo.
16” line $72.58/mo.
22” line $99.80/mo.
36” line $163.31/mo.
Tampered fire line fee $100
Inspection of new fire line installation $50
Fire flow test $50

Other fees
Reconnection & new service reconnection
M – F 8:00 am – 3:00 pm $25
M – F after 3:00 pm; any time on weekends or holidays $65
Tenant water deposit $75
Active deployment fee waiver $75/mo waived
Bankruptcy deposits (based on prior 12 months’ history) 60-day usage
Service of disconnection notice w/in 12 months of prior notice $15

Sewer & Industrial Waste

User fee (all users) Base fee
Base User Fee (calculated using ave. winter water usage or actual usage, whichever is greater)* $5.00 per 1,000 gal.
* New residential accounts are charged based on actual usage or for 5,000 gal. per unit per month until an average winter water usage amount is determined, whichever is greater. New accounts for multi-family residential dwellings are calculated using previous average winter water usage or 5,000 gal per unit per month, whichever is greater. New business accounts are charged based on the average winter consumption for the previous business or the actual monthly consumption if the business type has changed, until a winter average history can be obtained. Average winter water usage may be prospectively adjusted during the year if the customer provides proof of leakage, repair, and data supporting lower water usage.

Industrial Waste Fee:

Additional Fees for Industrial Waste:
Sewer connections, which are included in the categories below, will be subject to an industrial waste fee based on a strength multiplier. The Base User Fee will be multiplied by the following multiplier based on category:

Large Grocery Stores with meat/bakery functions 1.22
Nursing Homes/Care Centers 1.23
Restaurants/Fast Food/Food Preparation Facilities 1.34

High Strength Contributors Fee:

Certain connections are considered High Strength Contributors and will be assessed a strength component based on individual samples and the information below:

Additional Fees for Industrial Waste
Total Suspended Solids (TSS) (Sample in mg/l – 250) x 8.34 x (sewer average in thousands of gals./1,000,000) x (Rate assessed by Central Valley)
Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) (Sample in mg/l – 200) x 8.34 x (sewer average in thousands of gals./1,000,000) x (Rate assessed by Central Valley)
* Classification and frequency of sampling is determined by the City.

Cost Recovery Fees:

Sample costs As per cost to City
Labor charge
Composite $154/sample
Grab $77/sample

Household Waste & Recyclable Waste Containers

Residential service (incl. one waste container, one recyclable) $10/month*
Additional waste container (waste or recycling) $10/mo. per add’l can*

New can delivery fee/redelivery fee after nonpayment $25/trip
Late payment fee $10
Special permit inspection fee $25
* Billing for owner-occupied homes will be sent quarterly, and billing for rental homes will be sent annually.

Section XI. Parks & Community Centers

Resident Rate: The “resident” rate applies only in cases in which: (1) a person residing in the City of South Salt Lake schedules a facility for a private, personal or family event; (2) a business located in South Salt Lake schedules a facility for an employee social event. A person residing in the city or a business licensed in the City may not schedule a facility for an entity/organization/institute event or function or for a business enterprise at the “resident” rate.

Non-profit: The “non-profit” rate applies only in cases where a non-profit entity schedules a facility for purposes that do not include fundraising or revenue generation for the entity. Any non-profit entity that schedules a facility for purposes that include fundraising shall pay the “commercial” fee. A non-profit entity that collects a participation fee from those attending an event for the purpose of covering the cost of the event shall not be considered fundraising. Proof of non-profit 501(c)(3) status must be provided, such as a certificate issued by the State or the United States. Government agencies may receive the “non-profit” rate, upon request.

Deposits: The City may retain all or part of a deposit when the event causes damage to property, additional costs for clean up or room restoration, or if the event is cancelled less than fourteen (14) calendar days prior to the scheduled date. The City reserves the right to recover its costs if the deposit does not cover damage or other costs resulting from the event. If the event occupies the facility beyond the scheduled time, the deposit will be used to pay for additional time, in one hour increments.

Insurance: All parties are required to demonstrate to the City adequate insurance coverage.

Security: For large or high-risk events, the City may require the requesting entity to provide appropriate security. A security plan may be required by the Police Department and is subject to approval by the Police Department.

After hours: Any person or organization that receives approval to use facilities under this section after normal hours of operation shall pay an additional, non-refundable fee of $200 per hour for use of the facility. An offer by an organization or person to pay this additional fee does not obligate the City to schedule after hours events.

Limited waiver: With the approval of the City Attorney, rental fees under this section may be waived where the requested and scheduled use of facilities supports a free expression event, and where: (1) the meeting is open to all members of the community; (2) no fee or admission charge is required to attend; and (3) no donation are accepted or expected.

City departments: City departments shall not be charged a rental fee for use of any parks or facilities. However, City departments must comply with facility scheduling and use requirements. City departments shall also be responsible for costs associated with damage or excessive maintenance relating to the department’s use.

Limited fee reductions. A 40% reduction in rental fees for a community center facility is authorized where the scheduling party pays in advance a non-refundable payment for scheduled time of ten (10) or more hours in any one calendar month. A 20% reduction in rental fees for a community center facility is authorized where the scheduling party pays in advance a non-refundable payment for scheduled time of five (5) to nine (9) hours in any one calendar month.

Conferences or large events. For a conference or large event, where an organization intends to use a group of rooms and/or facilities at any of the City’s community centers and parks, the overall rate for such multi-room/facility use shall be reduced by 40% of the cumulative rental rate of the several rooms and facilities. In such cases, the required fee must be paid in advance and will be non-refundable.

Community Parks

Fitts Park Facilities (per day) Resident All Others
Lions Pride Pavilion $30 $60
Wandamere Pavilion $25 $50
Xango Pavilion $20 $40
Swire Pavilion $25 $50

Community Centers

Columbus Community Center Hourly Rate Deposit
Commercial $140 $200
Non-profit $100 $200
Resident $80 $200
Kitchen (Available for rent with Auditorium only) $80/reservation
Commercial $90 $200
Non-profit $65 $200
Resident $25 $200
Gymnasium for Sports
Commercial $100 $200
Non-profit $25 $200
Resident $25 $200
Tables & Chairs for Events in Gym $40/reservation
Gymnasium for Events
Commercial rate $160 $200
Non-profit rate $140 $200
Resident $100 $200
Meeting rooms 101, 104, 105
Commercial rate $50 $200
Non-profit rate $35 $200
Resident rate $25 $200
Meeting rooms 106, 102/103
Commercial rate $75 $200
Non-profit rate $50 $200
Resident rate $40 $200
Meeting Accessories & Equipment (per day)
TV/VCR/DVD Equipment $25
Microphone & Speaker $35
Dry Erase Board $15
Projector $25
Piano $20
All linen for tables $10/linen
Napkins $0.50 each

Central Park Community Center (PAL) Hourly Rate Deposit
Gymnasium for Sports
Commercial $100 $200
Non-profit $25 $200
Resident $25 $200
Gymnasium for Events
Commercial $160 $200
Non-Profit $140 $200
Resident $100 $200
Athletic Field
Commercial $60 $200
Non-profit $40 $200
Resident $30 $200

Historic Scott School Hourly Rate Deposit
Great Hall
Commercial $50 $200
Non-profit $35 $100
Resident $25 $100
Commercial $50 $200
Non-profit $35 $100
Resident $25 $100
Board Room
Commercial $25 $200
Non-profit $15 $100
Resident $15 $100
Commercial $25 $200
Non-profit $15 $100
Resident $15 $100
Patio & Lawn
Commercial $75 $200
Non-profit $50 $100
Resident $35 $100
Section XII. Mayor Authority to Amend or Adjust Fees

A. The Mayor shall have authority to recommend new fees, as the Mayor deems necessary.

B. Any fee added by the Mayor to this fee schedule shall be effective as specified by the enacting ordinance or resolution. The Consolidated Fee Schedule shall thereafter be presented to the City Council as soon as possible to address the new fees.

C. Upon a recommendation from the City Attorney, the Mayor under Section XI may approve the use of facilities by a non-profit entity for less than the approved fee schedule where: (1) such entity agrees to provide the city needed/requested in-kind services; (2) the in-kind services are of equivalent value to the reduction in fee; (3) the in-kind services measurably reduce the cost to the taxpayers of previously planned and budgeted government services; (4) the in-kind services are included in an agreement between the City and the non-profit entity; and (5) the fee reduction will not apply to any non-profit activity or event that includes fundraising or generates revenue for the non-profit entity.

Section XIII. Other Fees

This Consolidated Fee Schedule does not repeal, abrogate, annul, or in any way impair or interfere with existing provisions of other resolutions, ordinances, or laws, except to effect modification of the fees reflected above. The fees listed in the Consolidated Fee Schedule supersede present fees for the services specified, but all fees not listed remain in effect. Where this Schedule imposes a higher fee than is imposed or required by existing provisions of resolutions, ordinances or laws, the provisions of this Schedule shall control.