City of South Salt Lake


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Utility Box Art Program

Submissions accepted on an on-going basis

The City of South Salt Lake invites local and area artists to submit proposals to create art for City utility boxes at various locations throughout South Salt Lake.  The goal of this project is to provide opportunities for artists to create works of art that contribute to the vitality and attractiveness of the streetscape.  This project is being implemented by the City of South Salt Lake Urban Livability Department with assistance from the South Salt Lake Arts Council.

Guidelines For Proposals

This project is designed to enhance the streetscape by adding works of art to surfaces that are often targets for vandalism.  Artwork on utility boxes functions as a form of communication to a moving audience with the goal of creating a vibrant, inclusive and interesting urban environment.  Successful proposals will foster community pride, discourage graffiti and contribute to a sense of identity for the citizens. 

The City will fund this project with donations received from Comcast Cares day of service.  Artwork will be scanned (digitized), the digital copy will then be sent out to be printed and then installed on the utility box.  Selected artwork originals will be returned to the artist.

Submission Requirements (please submit the following materials to the address below) 

  1. Complete the attached Artist contract, Non-Exclusive License for City to Use Artwork 
  2. Two (2), or more digital or printed images of the artwork
  3. Self-addressed and stamped envelope for return of materials if you want them returned
  4. Mail or email submissions to:

SSL Urban Livability Department
Antoinette EVans
220 East Morris Avenue
SSLC, UT  84115 



Artist: Jody Hutchins
3300 S State

Artist: Jody Hutchins
3300 S State

Artist: Chris Manfre
2700 South 300 East

Artist: David Born
2700 South Main Street

Artist: Kendra Black
2700 South West Temple
Artist: Josh Wennergren
3300 South 300 East
Artist: Alexis Phillips
210 West 3900 South
Artist: Chris Manfre
3300 South 300 East

Cottonwood Treatment Center
2301 South 300 West

Artist: Rey Archuleta
2700 South 300 West
Artist: Kelie Babcock
3300 South 300 West

Artist: Jennifer Seeley
2700 S State 


      Artist: Jennifer Seeley
       3300 South 500 East

       Artist: Gary Guatney
       3300 South 300 East

     Artist:Hannah Vickery
      3300 South 200 East

     Artist: Gary Gautney
      3300 S State 

        Artist: Kelie Babcock
        3300 S State 
       Artist: Kelie Babcock
        3300 S State
        Artist: Paige Young
        3424 S State 
     Artist: Brenda Moser
      2804 S State 

     Artist: Jim Hignite 
  2400 S State  (I-80)

     Artist: Emma Smith 
     2100 S State 

        Artist: Crys Lee
     3900 South 700 West

      Artist: Anthony Magallanes
         2100 South 300 East 


      Artist: Lizzie Longsderff
       3900 S State 

       Artist: Urban Livability 
       2100 South 300 West 

     Artist: David Wirthlin
      2100 South 900 West 

     Artist: Chad Champsen
     3300 S West Temple