City of South Salt Lake


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When elected, Mayor Wood had a clear vision for the City of South Salt Lake.  She knew that Code Enforcement and related issues were a high priority to residents and business owners.  Knowing this, she pulled together several key personnel and established the Urban Livability Department.  The department consists of a Director, Secretary, Community Connection Volunteer/Outreach Coordinator, two Code Enforcement Officers, two Animal Service Officers, an Animal Service Supervisor, and a part-time Animal Shelter Technician.  

This team has taken a proactive approach to known problems in the city, and is working on a daily basis to come to a reasonable conclusion. We are able to work closely with other city departments; Community Development Department, Public Works, Police Department, Fire Department, City Attorney’s Office and the Salt Lake County Health Department.   





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220 East Morris Avenue
Suite 300
South Salt Lake City, UT 84115

P 801.464.6712
F 801.483.6003

Urban Livability Department
Antoinette Evans - Manager