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The mission of the Wastewater Division is to protect public health and safety through the collection, transmission, and treatment of wastewater in conformance with all City, State and Federal regulations.

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Grease, Oil and Sand Interceptor Maintenance

Grease, Oil and Sand Interceptorsare designed to capture grease from food preparation, dishwashing, dirt, sand, sweepings, minor petroleum spills, etc. to keep these substances out of the wastewater system. The Interceptor treats these wastes by allowing substances lighter than water (such as oil and grease) to float and substances heavier than water (such as sand) to sink. Only the gray water between these two zones should flow to the wastewater system.

Why is maintenance needed?

If the Grease, Oil and Sand Interceptors are not pumped frequently enough, the heavier dirt, sand, sweepings (sludge) and/or the lighter oil and grease will occupy too much space in the tank and be siphoned through the outlet pipe to the wastewater system. If the interceptor is not maintained property, wastes can also cause a blockage and/or odor problems and public health issues.

What are your responsibilities?

Inspect and log your Grease, Oil and Sand Interceptor inspections monthly to assure that it is pumped as needed to keep prohibited wastes out of the City’s Wastewater System. Refer to City of South Salt Lake Municipal Code 13.28.070 for a list of prohibited discharges. Immediately following pumping, make sure the interceptor is filled with water in order for it to work properly. All cleanout of the Grease, Oil and Sand Interceptor must be performed by a licensed waste hauling company. This company must be a reliable and trustworthy hauler authorized to pump Grease, Oil and Sand Interceptors and permitted to properly dispose of the waste.

 If you have any questions on the proper maintenance of your Interceptor, please contact:

Tory Laws

Wastewater Division Manager

City of South Salt Lake




View the 2015 Sewer System Management Plan 



Please DO NOT flush prescription drugs. Take all unwanted prescription drugs to the drop off location at the South Salt Lake Police Department located 2835 S. Main Street, South Salt Lake, Utah 84115.



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