City of South Salt Lake


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Promise SSL Strategies

  1. Identify and use data to provide easy to understand information used for learning, continuous improvement, and accountability. This data informs both the short-term actions and long-range plans addressing the issues acting as barriers to youth and community success.

  2. Implement Neighborhood Centers model where relevant services are easily accessible to residents. Striving not only to offer services in place-based centers, but also “centering” around youth, families, and community members to make education and higher quality of life available to every citizen.

  3. Facilitate Promise South Salt Lake Councils and/or utilizing existing groups guiding the work in the seven key areas of focus, provide data, and provide input on what programs and services are used to achieve the desired results. Segment the work into specific areas of focus to make it easier to “get our arms around” each piece.

  4. Develop and implement partnerships and build other capacities to deliver a continuum of solutions from cradle to career, and strengthen effective partnerships to provide solutions along the continuum and to sustain and scale up what works.

  5. Keep our eyes on the prize—A safe, healthy community of individuals and families who know, appreciate, and trust each other and who have a clear understanding of what needs to be done. Helping young people achieve their highest potential and adults to support the youth in achieving their goals while working to become our own best selves.

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