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The South Salt Lake Mayor’s Office, with the support of South Salt Lake Recreation Department, Police Department, Community Development Department, and Urban Livability Department works with United Way and a broad variety of partners to provide dynamic, highly specialized community and out-of-school-time programming with academic and prevention focus at 5 school-based and 4 neighborhood-based locations throughout the city. Promise partnership programs currently serve 2,458 youth and adults.

We articulate our work as promises that represent our highest hopes for our community. Based on very specific research and models of other successful communities, Mayor Wood and the Promise South Salt Lake Leadership Team formulated our goals—considering the work that is being done in other high achieving communities, but created with South Salt Lake children, families, residents, and seniors in mind.

Promise South Salt Lake works to implement specialized strategies and program maps based on relevant data, to provide model/evidence-based curriculums, expanded learning & positive youth development opportunities that support academic, physical, civic, social, and emotional success. Activities in South Salt Lake include high intensity, literacy-focused afterschool programs; structured recreation and service opportunities; intentional reciprocal cultural opportunities; and a broad range of enriching experiences that utilize a cradle to career continuum that improves educational and developmental youth outcomes.

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