City of South Salt Lake


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Street Crimes Unit

The Street Crimes Unit (SCU) works under a philosophy geared towards the pro-active investigation and enforcement of street crimes in general, with an emphasis on street level narcotics violators and drug houses. Other areas of responsibility include gathering gang information, conducting special surveillance operations, weapons violations, prostitution, and other types of street crimes which can be pro-actively addressed by doing surveillance, using informants, serving search warrants, conducting undercover operations, buy/busts, reverse stings and any other investigations as directed by the Chief of Police. The unit works closely with members of the Crime Prevention Unit and Code Enforcement on nuisance houses and for intelligence gathering.

The SCU has open lines of communication with other agencies including AP&P, Metro Gangs, Fugitive Task Force and the DEA Task Force. The SCU actively solicits tips from the community, officers, and other agencies regarding suspected criminal activity of an ongoing nature.

Related Information

Drug Tip Line

(801) 412-3651

The Drug Tip Line is monitored by the SCU on a daily basis.

If you have information on drug activity in the South Salt Lake community, call the Drug Tip Line at the number listed above. Leave pertinent information on the answering machine such as location, names, license plate numbers, descriptions, etc.

Neighborhood Watch

For information on when and where the next Neighborhood Watch meeting in your area is being held, please call the Neighborhood Watch Hotline at 801-412-3668.