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Crime Free Rental Housing

As part of our focus on reducing crime in rental housing in South Salt Lake, we have a Crime Prevention Officer dedicated to working with managers and owners of rental housing to prevent and eliminate criminal activity and problem tenants.  The Crime Prevention Officer’s job is to prevent crime by using a proactive approach in dealing with criminal activities, such as domestic violence, drug houses, gang houses and other criminal activities that occur throughout the city. South Salt Lake Police Officers are extremely busy and may only have time to resolve the above problems temporarily by making arrests, issuing citations, etc. However the roots of the problems are still occurring, and it is the Crime Prevention Officer’s responsibly to remove and solve these problems. The Crime Prevention Officer’s position allows for a more proactive approach and the ability to get out in the community and interact with the citizens in a positive and friendly manner.

Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is a program for residential neighborhoods and apartment complexes that encourages people to know their neighbors and watch out for each other. It involves a partnership between citizens and their police department. Crime Prevention Officers conduct meetings in the neighborhoods, educating citizens on identifying and reporting suspicious activity, protecting their valuables, home security and personal safety.

The Good Landlord Program

The Good Landlord Program educates owners and management of multi-unit apartment complexes on how to adopt a zero tolerance policy with tenants in regards to crime, drug use and nuisance issues.

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Neighborhood Watch

For information on when and where the next Neighborhood Watch meeting in your area is being held, please call the Neighborhood Watch Hotline at 801-412-3668.