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Good Landlord Program

South Salt Lake City established a license fee structure for rentals because the cost to provide services to rentals is greater than the cost to provide the same services to owner-occupied dwellings. However, the City has found that landlords who follow best management practices on background checks, tenant leases, crime prevention, and eviction procedures as necessary reduce the service costs borne by South Salt Lake taxpayers.

South Salt Lake’s Good Landlord Program is a rental license incentive program that is intended to educate landlords on management strategies to prevent crime, maintain equity, and promote compatibility with surrounding neighborhoods. Applicants who are certified through the City’s Good Landlord Program receive a significant reduction in their rental license fees. 



Enrollment Requirements

  • Maintain a South Salt Lake Business License for Rental Units.  
  • Attend a class prior to certification and a renewal class every three years. The Good Landlord or the Utah Apartment Association maintain schedules of classes for good landlord certification. A good landlord applicant can take a class from any jurisdiction in Utah, as long as it was taken in person and not online.
  • Sign a written agreement with South Salt Lake City, and comply with that agreement.
  • Present your class certificate and the written agreement to the City's Business License Official. 

Program Requirements

Good landlords agree to the following: 

  • A written lease for every dwelling unit will be required.
  • All current, adult tenants living in a residence will be listed on the lease.
  • Background checks will be provided on every tenant listed on the lease.
  • The landlord or manager will serve notice of eviction within 5 days of receiving substantial evidence that a tenant or guest was involved in criminal or nuisance activity on the premises.
  • Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) is practiced on the premises.
  • The landlord will maintain the rental dwelling in a fit and habitable condition, as required by State code and relevant building, fire, and land use codes.  

Program Benefits

Good landlords receive a significant discount on rental licenses. Refer to the Good Landlord Program Written Agreement or the Rental Business License Application for a list of fees for good landlord participants.

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