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Building Information for Commercial Developers

Thank you for your interest in building in our city. To the right is contact information for our department to help guide you in your new development or remodel. Please contact the staff to be sure you are completing the correct forms. This will expedite the building permit process.

Predevelopment Consultations

To aid you in navigating the development and permit process, South Salt Lake offers free predevelopment consultants on Wednesday afternoons, starting at 1:30 pm. This is your opportunity to meet with a Planner, a Building Inspector, a Public Works inspector, and the Fire Marshal, who can answer questions regarding your project or plans. The meetings are open to property owners, developers, architects, engineers, and brokers.

To schedule a 30-minute predevelopment consultation, contact Alexandra White (801-483-6011) or Jeff Attermann. (801-412-3224).


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Karla Slick
Permit Coordinator

Jim Hignite
Building Official
and Building Division Manager

Inspection Line