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Business Licensing

Time to renew your business license? Pay online!

The City of South Salt Lake has partnered with Xpressbillpay to accept online business license payments. You may have used this company to pay your utility bills.

Click here to renew your business license online.

Xpressbillpay is simple and safe to use. Just follow the online instructions and at the end you will have the option of printing a receipt.

Business licenses are valid only for the address on the application. A change in location requires reapplication for licensure. Multiple locations require a separate license for each location. If you have questions relating to the submission of your application, please do not hesitate to contact our office. Some occupations may require approval by the Planning Commission and a separate application will be necessary.You do not need to send in your business license form unless you need to make changes to the information the City has on file for you. If you use Xpressbillpay to pay your license and send in your form for changes, please indicate your payment information on the bottom of the form so we will know you didn't intend to include a check.

Any person engaging in business within the corporate limits of the city of South Salt Lake must first obtain a license from the city of South Salt Lake prior to conducting such business.

All applications and renewals for business licenses shall be submitted with the requisite license fee. Failure to remit the required fees shall be grounds for denial of the applicant’s license.

Applications for new businesses (all that are not renewals) shall require a nonrefundable application fee equal in amount to all business license fees applicable to the business for which a license is being applied. If the business license is denied for cause, and any appeal of such denial is upheld, or if the business fails to bring the building and operation into compliance with the laws and ordinances of the city of South Salt Lake, the state of Utah and the United States within thirty (30) days of notice of violation from the city, the fees shall be forfeit and a new application, together with required fees, shall be required. If the license is approved, the application fees shall be applied as the required license fees.

All licenses must be renewed on an annual basis on or before the due date established by the city for that business location. The city established a twice yearly renewal season based on the physical location of the business. Those businesses located east of 200 West (the light rail tracks) shall be licensed from January to January with a due date of January 1st. Those located west of 200 West (the light rail tracks) shall be licensed from August to August with a due date of August 1st.

The forms on the right of this page are available for down load, but can not be submitted through the website.