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Homeless Resource Center Site Selection - Announcement of Homeless Resource Center at 3380 S 1000 West

facebook live video of Press Conference

Mayor Wood Press Conference in Response to Homeless Resource Center Announcement

South Salt Lake responds to Mayor McAdams' recommendation for 3rd homeless shelter

Deseret News: County chooses South Salt Lake for new homeless resource center

South Salt Lake, West Valley mayors stand firm against homeless shelter plan


 South Salt Lake's Downtown is Coming

South Salt Lake leaders and business community broke ground on the new downtown on Monday March 27, 2017. Construction has started on the Winco grocery store and two multi-family housing buildings near 2200 S Main Street, adjacent to the S-Line streetcar stop. Share the news!

Downtown starting to rise in South Salt Lake

South Salt Lake Breaks ground on first Phase of Downtown Master Plan

South Salt Lake hopes new downtown will change attitudes