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Mayor Cherie Wood

Welcome to South Salt Lake! 

Mayor Cherie WoodCherie Wood is a lifelong resident of the City of South Salt Lake, and began her career with the City 24 years ago at the front counter processing utility payments. Always accepting new challenges, she strengthened her skills through various positions with the City and in 2006 was appointed as Assistant Mayor to Mayor Robert Gray. Cherie graduated from the University of Phoenix with dual Bachelor’s Degrees in Business Management and Business Administration. After a well-orchestrated, grass roots campaign that declared progress and change, Cherie Wood became South Salt Lake’s first female Mayor on January 4, 2010.

Mayor Wood has assembled an impressive team of department directors and as promised, has set in motion strong initiatives that will forever change the face of South Salt Lake. Under her Promise South Salt Lake initiative the City has been chosen as one of 100 Best Communities for Young People in 2012 by America's Promise Alliance and she recognized as United Way of Salt Lake's 2016 Changemaker.

"I need your voice to shape our community's future!"


Homeless Resource Center Announcement March 31, 2017

The announcement was made that the recommended site for the Homeless Resource is 3380 S 1000 West in South Salt Lake. 

facebook live video of Press Conference

Please attend an emergency town hall meeting tonight to discuss this decision

6:00 pm Monday March 31, 2017

Columbus Community Center

2431 S 400 East


See press coverage here:


Read Mayor Wood's remarks on this announcement at an 11 am press conference below. Due to technical difficulties, the video for this event will not be immediately available. 

 "Today, the community of South Salt Lake was dealt at terrible blow.  Salt Lake County has proposed 3380 South 1000 West as a site for a homeless resource center.  This is a location on the Jordan River Parkway trail – a trail used by moms with baby joggers, cyclists and kids every day.  It is home for single-family residents who have lived there for decades.  And it is adjacent to a new riverfront townhome project that is essential to the neighborhood stabilization that we have been working towards for years.  Developers have already told us they will pull out of these projects if a shelter is placed there. 

 We are angry.  And we will continue to be angry.  Our residents and businesses have stood shoulder to shoulder in this fight and we will continue to fight. We are not willing to hinder the progress that our City is making.

 So today, we prepare for the next phase of this battle.  There are still many options available to us and we are considering every one of them.  We will hold Mayor McAdams to his word that no ground will be broken in the near term.  That gives us time to address the critical issues that are important to our City.

 As you can see, South Salt Lake stands together.  Proudly and defiantly to say that we can no longer be the city that gets the government services – albeit needed services – that no one else wants.

 We will take a few questions and then we need to get to work."



State of the City Address and Best of South Salt Lake Awards 2017

Mayor Wood presented the State of the City on Wednesday March 17th at both a lunch and an evening event to allow anyone in the community to participate.

You can read the text of the speech here: State of the City 2017

You can take a look at the Best of South Salt Lake awards brochure to see who is making our community a safer, cleaner and more beautiful place to live, work and play here: Best of South Salt Lake 2017

You can watch the video recording of the presentations here:



 Homeless Resource Center Site Selection

Dear South Salt Lake Residents and Friends,
I am as dismayed as you are to hear that Salt Lake County was considering our South Salt Lake community as the future home of a 300-bed homeless shelter—all part of the plan to replace the Rio Grande neighborhood shelter in Salt Lake City. While we all know that there needs to be a compassionate and effective solution put into place for homeless individuals throughout the Salt Lake Valley, I am steadfast in the belief that South Salt Lake is not the best fit for a new shelter.
Despite being the second smallest city in the county, we bear the social responsibility of several other residential resources for homeless residents—Grace Mary Manor, Christmas Box House and the Salt Lake County Homeless Youth Walk-In Center are all located within our boundaries.  In addition to providing these important resources within city boundaries, South Salt Lake is also the home to two Salt Lake County detention centers—Oxbow Jail and Metro Jail—and the Salt Lake County Division of Youth Services and the Juvenile Justice Center.
We are proud to carry our fair share of the civic responsibility load, but it's important to note that none of the above sites are subject to property taxes, yet they do depend on our public services—and South Salt Lake already has a much smaller tax base than West Valley City, which is the only other city in the county to host proposed sites. To put it simply: South Salt Lake does not have the resources to support the wide range of services required for such a large shelter.
Finally, and most importantly, I do not believe that these proposed sites are in the best interest of the South Salt Lake community. The proposed Main Street site is only a few blocks from an elementary school, a junior high school, Head Start and a South Salt Lake Community Center that hosts an after school program. While the proposed 3300 South site is located farther away from schools, I believe it is too far away from grocery stores, accessible transit, jobs, healthcare and other resources to be beneficial for residents of the shelter. It is, however, located two blocks from the County Metro Jail, making the possibility of an uptick of criminal activity very likely.
I am eager to be included in any discussion with Salt Lake County Ben McAdams and others about the best way to serve Salt Lake County's homeless population—but I will never support a shelter in South Salt Lake for the reasons outlined above.  I want you to know that I have heard you, South Salt Lake, as you have called my office to express your feelings about this new shelter proposal and the now-abandoned Sugarhouse site.
I need your help. Salt Lake County is accepting public input on these shelters, and it's essential that South Salt Lake residents stand up to be heard—and quickly, because the site will be picked by the end of this month. There is an Open House hosted by the county this Tuesday, and more to come. You can find out more information about the proposed sites, upcoming open houses and submit citizen feedback at this website:
South Salt Lake is a compassionate and kind community—but we know these proposed shelter sites do not serve either the homeless population or our South Salt Lake residents.
I believe both deserve more. And I will fight for you.

Mayor Cherie Wood


Mondays with the Mayor 

The Mayor is available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. to meet with her constituents. The first Monday of every month she has extended hours from 9 a.m. to 6  p.m. to discuss issues, concerns or ideas you have for our city. 

The next Monday with the Mayor will be March 6th from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. in the Mayor’s office. In an effort to respect the time of those attending please call 801-464-6757 to schedule your appointment for either Mondays with the Mayor or any other time you'd like to come in.


Related Information

Meet with Mayor Wood

Mayor Wood is available to meet with constituents to discuss issues, concerns or ideas you have for our city. Regular meeting times may be scheduled Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The first Monday of every month, she takes appointments for  "Mondays with the Mayor" for extended hours, from 9 a.m. to 6  p.m.  

The next Monday with the Mayor will be April 3rd from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. in the Mayor’s office.

Please shedule an appointment to respect the time of those attending by calling 801-464-6757.